Translate a numeric value into a checked box in a Word template?

  • 3 April 2019
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Hi, I have a roll-up summary field on a Contracts object, that counts additional Sites who would be taking advantage of a Contract's pricing. The contract form I'm populating represents this as a checkbox (to indicate that the site page is warranted). By using a roll-up field to determine the presence of these child sites, I can avoid user error...


BUT is it now possible for me to tell DocGen that a Word box field should populate as checked, if the source field >0?


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2 replies

@chrishigh - To confirm you want a visual box checked in the word document based on a condition correct? If this is the case you can handle this with a basic word IF forumula.


Insert a mergfield in Word - the typical syntax is - IF "value" = "value" "true" "false"

In this case you would use inserted symbol from the Word Symbol menu in the true part of that statement.


The documentation below should give you more information.



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Hi @chrishigh,


In addition to what my colleague @DavidStephen mentioned, we also have a video in our learning center that covers all of the common use cases for Word Formulas.


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