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Remove permission at all list with workflows an ot...

Hello everyone, this is the scenario to see if there has been something similar, I have an approval form that when it is worked must remove the permi...

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realice la instalación de la versión la mayoría de los formularios que tenemos función pero otros no, se quedan en trabajando en ello y n...

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Execute SQL - Stored Procedure with Variables as P...

I am trying to run a stored procedure in a execute SQL action. My connection string is correct as i have been using to insert into tables for a while...

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Repeated Section to Plain Text

Hello, ********** I strongly suggest you review Repeating section as html table Its easier and more efficient than this. ********** ...

  • By inimri
  • November 08, 2015  09:31
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Form Rule Formula Examples

Was wondering if anyone had a collection of example formulas they've used in past forms for formatting or validation. Would be great to have this...

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