Adding Nintex Apps to sites after Microsoft removes access to SharePoint Store

  • 7 February 2024
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I was updating our Nintex Forms for Office 365 app license after our renewal and noticed a message from Microsoft about the retirement of Add-ins from SharePoint Online.  There was a banner in the SharePoint store that indicated:

Starting April 2, 2026, SharePoint add-ins will be retired for SharePoint in Microsoft 365 and users will no longer be able to use SharePoint add-ins. Installing SharePoint add-ins from the SharePoint Store will not be possible as of July 1, 2024. Learn more about the retirement of add-ins

Has Nintex posted any information on how this will be resolved for adding the necessary apps to new sites that need Forms or Nintex Automation Cloud workflows?  Any details anyone has would be helpful.




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9 replies

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A very big +1

We have Nintex Enterprise, so have Forms O365, Nintex O365 and Nintex Automation Cloud

Nintex Forms O365 addin is currently the only method of ensuring that form capturing a new or edit list item, tied to a Nintex Automation Cloud flow with a SharePoint trigger tied back to the site / list.  This has been despite repeated requests to provision the same functionality in Nintex Automation Cloud - i.e. a form created by a user on a SharePoint repository must be viewable / editable from a EDIT or click on the form title in that SharePoint repository.

Reason? When uses EDIT a list item they need to see the form popup with their data - not presented with a row of meaningless information in somekind of ‘view’.

When the Nintex Form Addin goes, if there is no ‘solution’ to cover the deprecation, we would have already (and that means redoing starting now because we have a LOT of SPO forms using the Addin) ditched all of the Nintex O365 forms and instead use PowerApps going forward. Same with any Nintex O365 workflow using that Addin (forgetting about the fact they are already going to be impacted by the deprecation of the SharePoint 2013 engine) - move them all into PowerAutomate, strategically so they sit directly in the PowerApps suite.

As for Nintex Automation Cloud, for any SPO deliveries where the form is king (i.e. its the starting and ending of displaying the entry in a process - the same form being filled in must be displayed through any EDIT request on that item) we would have to severely limit its use, meaning that in time all SPO related flows would move back into the PowerApps suite.

Its crucial that someone from Nintex gets back on this and comes up with a statement / advice. The SharePoint Addins is a fundamental part of the form capturing process, so moving that away from Nintex to Powerapp forms will obviously move their workflows as well into the same suite.

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Good day, @clrowe1124 and @GeoffE - 

I’ve reached out internally to get an answer for you both. Thanks for your patience!



Same here, we are looking more and more into the Power Platform due to this. 

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Hello @clrowe1124@GeoffE and @mmanzo

Yes, the old SharePoint Add-in framework has been deprecated by Microsoft and will be retired in April 2026. In it’s place, Microsoft have introduced a new SharePoint framework (also known as SPFx) that third-party vendors like Nintex can utilize to build modern versions of their integration apps. Nintex has already built and published the new SPFx-based apps and more information about next steps can be found below. Additionally, for customers who cannot yet move to the SPFX version of an app, you still have an opportunity to load the Nintex app directly via your SharePoint tenant catalog instead of the public app store. Nintex support can help with this process if necessary.

Information for Workflow Customers

  • If you are using Nintex Automation Cloud only, there should be no additional steps you need to take as you are already using the SPFX-based app to integrate with your SharePoint tenant.
  • If you are using Nintex Workflow for O365 AND a Nintex Automation Cloud tenant, you may be accessing NAC through a screen similiar to below. If you see this screen when accessing your tenant, you will need to ensure the correct app is being used. An “Update Available” message will be displayed if this is the case.
  • If you are using Nintex Workflow for O365, you should be working on an upgrade plan to Nintex Automation Cloud. Per our previous announcements (found here and here) the Nintex Workflow for 0365 product will end of life in April 2026. To support our 0365 customers in this transition, Nintex is providing a comprehensive set of self-service tools, guides, and services to support upgrade efforts through the Nintex Upgrade Program. This program is available to all Nintex Workflow for O365 customers and you should reach out to your Nintex account manager to get started.

Information for Forms Customers

Customers who utilize Nintex to create List Forms in SharePoint may have the following form types:

  • New Responsive - responsive forms built using current, fully supported technology
  • Old Responsive - responsive forms built with legacy technology
  • Classic - non-responsive forms built with legacy technology

Our new SPFx-based app has been built to support New Responsive forms only. Old Responsive and Classic forms will not be supported in the SPFx app. To continue with uninterrupted service, customers who are using Old Responsive or Classic forms will need to migrate to New Responsive forms prior to April 2026 when the old Add-In app will stop functioning.

To support our customers with the migration to New Responsive forms and the SPFx app, we will be providing form migration tooling. This tooling will be available to all customers shortly. To get more information and to ensure that you get all communication related to migration tooling, please reach out to your Nintex account manager.


While I hope this provides some general answers to your questions, I highly encourage you to reach out to your Nintex account manager so that we can provide you with all the information you’ll need to transition your environments to the modern, fully supported versions of the Nintex products that you have been building on for years. We understand that technology transitions and deprecations can affect day-to-day operations and put additional stress on your teams, so we are fully committed to providing you with the resources and support you need to make this transition as seamless as possible.



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Thank you for all the responses.  Actual answer is by HollyA above. I accidentally picked the wrong comment as best answer.

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Thank you for all the responses.  Actual answer is by HollyA above. I accidentally picked the wrong comment as best answer.

Fixed it for you, @clrowe1124! Thanks for confirming!



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Quick Question. 

If we finish upgrading the few classic and responsive forms we have to the “new responsive” what are the benefits regarding form designer and compatibility with NAC workflows?

We want to begin using the new SPFx app for FORMS for the integration component with SharePoint but through NAC, but cannot right now since we have classic and old responsive forms. I saw through another post the form component of the SPFx app was made available now, but if we were using the Nintex Forms for Office 365 app, we couldn’t have both so when we open the SPFx app (NAC app) the form features are missing. 

When we finish this effort with upgrading, what are the next steps we need to take to get the form functionality accessible through the Nintex Automation Cloud application (SPFx app model)? 


Hello. I installed Nintex’s new SPFx-based apps to my SharePoint Online tenant. Although the app can navigate from SharePoint’s list view page to Nintex Automation Cloud for designing a workflow triggered by item creation, the apps do not have any capability to replace SharePoint’s default item edit and view form with Nintex responsive form as the legacy Nintex Forms can do. Will the Nintex SPFx-based apps have feature to customize SharePoint’s item edit form in the future?


Hello all,

how have you installed this new app? Where could i get this new SPFx-based App? Also in the Tenent App Catalog there is a Microsoft Information that these apps will be not supported after 2026.

Need help!