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Nintex Workflow with Run-If Action Being Skipped

Hello, I'm having trouble with a Nintex Workflow and the Run If Action. I have two workflows on a list. Workflow A is a Contract Approval wor...

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How can I make single line of text controls show t...

Is it possible in a Nintex classic form to create a single line of text field that can be used in multiple places but maintain the same values? W...

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Issue with validation rule & StartsWith() func...

Hi All, I'm new to Nintex and i'm having an issue trying to mimic a logic rule on a previous InfoPath form using the StartsWith() function. ...

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Choices list does not allow fill-in values

When setting up a responsive form for a Nintex Task form, we wanted to include a list and offer choices. But the choice list also gives an option...

  • By don_n
  • February 21, 2018  13:11
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