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How can I reuse the Nintex Workflow Task Content t...

We're using the Nintex Workflow webpart on the landing page for most of our users, and this is great for quickly showing a list of incomplete tas...

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InvalidOperationException UpdateXml Action

I have a workflow that triggers on create when a user submits a document to a library (InfoPath). The workflow has actions enclosed in an Acti...

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Using the Create Item in Another Site Action acros...

In SharePoint 2010 this was not a problem; but now that we're migrating to SharePoint 2016, we are having problems reconfiguring the Create Item ...

  • By r_salas
  • November 02, 2017  13:03
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Site Workflow - Getting list Item URL

I have setup a site workflow that sends an email for notifications when a list item is due. I'm trying to include the list item URL as part of t...

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Workflow Started by Start Workflow Action executes...

I have a workflow with a state machine governing an approval process. As it was becoming too large I split it out into separate workflows and cal...

  • By barryc
  • June 24, 2015  04:37
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