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Delete item not working

I have a Delete Item object to delete other list records, for example i want to delete the list records in the list "IMX Procurement Details" whe...

  • By joelau
  • June 11, 2018  19:25
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Hide a form control based on more than one drop-do...

I am trying to show/hide a control based on selections from a drop down list. Documents Drop down has 4 options - A, B, C, D and I need the contr...

  • By so102
  • May 25, 2018  02:49
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Workflow publishing error "Object reference n...

Hello, I run into an error when I save a large workflow. Situation: When I copy the 'Assign a task' action, this error happens. The image b...

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Setting permissions on the "Workflow Tasks&qu...

Hi I'm assigning a flexi task to a user and they're getting the following error: I tried upping the permissions on the list with no lu...

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Hi, I'm relatively new to Forms On my form I have two separate yes/no tickboxes for users. If a user ticks yes on one of the tickboxes then I ...

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