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Get "Approver's Comments" from anoth...

Hi All: I'm on SP2010 using Nintex Workflow Version: I was forced to break-up a workflow in two due to size that contains a state m...

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Auto-Populate Drop-Down Default Based On Calculate...

Currently I have a form that contains a calculated field that displays the Current "Job Function" and I also have a corresponding drop-down for t...

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Lookup() Formula

I am trying to use a lookup formula within a calculated field on a Nintex form to display a value from a custom list named "Local Job Codes LookU...

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Workflow won't "Run if" based on For...

I'm a bit confused on this one, I suppose this would be the first time I tried to "Run if" on a Nintex form List Lookup field. I have the list l...

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Cannot get Attachment Validation to Work

I've been following this article on how to conditionally require an attachment on a Nintex form and I haven't had any luck getting it to...

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