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Automating Student Registrations with Nintex Workf...

A few months back I was fortunate to attend an education roadshow in South Africa, and I presented a Student Onboarding Scenario in 5 minutes. Ye...

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Using a Component workflow to track the history of...

This is a short workaround i've put together on how you can use a component workflow within Office 365 to capture workflow information and append ...

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Intelligent Workflow History List Logging with Nin...

Hola guys . Author Palesa Sikwane ‌ Long Description This is a little workaround that can assist you providing a user friend...

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A Simple Time sheet Solution Part 4 (Office 365)

Hola, Finally back in South Africa from Israel!!! Anyway, this solution allows you make use of the Office 365 version of my Timesheet Solut...

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Deleting a broken form OR ...restoring it's PR...

Yebo you read the title right So this workaround will assist you in either deleting or restoring a previous version of a Nintex Form for Off...

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Prevent Duplicate Entries in a SharePoint list usi...

Hello everyone, Thanks to Palesa Sikwane ‌'s endless nagging but most importantly his ability to always help me, I finally decided t...

  • By Mohamed
  • January 24, 2019  04:52
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After installing .NET security patches to address ...

I came across this issue on a few environments lately where ALL workflows in a farm on premise stopped working. Or more specifically, all workflo...

  • By andrewg
  • September 19, 2018  10:55
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Beezy and Nintex: Automation for the Digital Workp...

During the last quarter of 2017 Beezy and Nintex announced their technology partnership and we couldn’t be more excited about that. Beezy is on...

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Workaround: Append Changes to Existing Text

Hi Nintexers, I just wanted to share a simple workaround for the missing support of the "Append Changes to Existing Text" option for Multiline...

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Revert to Published Version of Form

Hi, I have a Nintex form that I have published, and then changed and saved (not published) on the request of the client. They then came back t...

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