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Error on set permission SP2013

Hi All! We have a small workflow that sets permission every day for all items in a list. It was working fine so far, but now at the morning h...

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Saving with JavaScript

Hi! I try to save a form and redirect it to another page. The save button is hidden with css ( .saveButton {visibility: hidden;}) and I use a j...

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Current user anomaly

Hi, Have anybody seen that setting the default value at a people picker to current user not works? When I simulate the (Flexi task) form it w...

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When saving workflow task comments not saved

Hi All, I have a multi line text field with "Append Changes to Existing Text" turned ON. The problem is that when users are saving a workflow...

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Lookup numbers in form

Hi, As I see the lookup function in the form only works if the column to filter on and/or(?) value to filter on has a letter in it. ...

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Bug: Can't Change Workflow Start Conditions

I have a nintex wf with start when item is created condition set to 'conditional'. Then i change it to 'yes' and publish, then open again ......

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  • May 05, 2016  03:00
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Set Item Permission on a list Item is not working ...

I have a list and when I create an item on it, a workflow runs and when it completes I don't want anyone to edit that item in the list. I hav...

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  • January 14, 2016  13:14
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