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Create Multiple Document Set using Loop/For Each A...

Hi I'm newbie in nintex workflow. I used SharePoint 2013 On-Premies and Nintex Workflow 2013. I want to create multiple document set in one document...

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Create and Update Item in Same Document Library

Hi all, I want to create folder inside document library. But I still have concerns about create item and update item in same workflow. This is my ...

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Copy Item to Multiple SharePoint Site based on loc...

Hi all, I have some questions about copying item to multiple SharePoint Site automatically based on local variable. So here is the example I ha...

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Can you create a new document set with Nintex?

We are debating whether to use Documents or Document Sets in an application. I'm wondering if anyone has created new document sets with workflows...

  • By sonisick
  • September 28, 2016  10:46
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