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Nintex Task Form Corrupted

Hello I have a problem with a very basic workflow that has been running correctly for months. The approvers click in the e-mail notification b...

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Workflow actions empty.

Hello I want to update a workflow in Nintex 2013 and I notice that most of the "runif" actions are empty and that the flexi task forms are not...

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Flexi task: Approval by smarthpone.

Hello I have made a workflow with a flexi task for approval of the item. I want my approvers to be able to approve by smartphone as well, so I h...

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Workflow status lost in sharepoint after Workflow ...

Hello everyone, I have used the "set a workflow status" action in my workflows and I use these statuses are in a column in my sharepoint list. ...

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Using "Run If" in a state machine

Hello I am making a workflow for the approval of new customers. Based on the credit rating that is filled in on the document 1 or more managers ...

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