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Nintex Promapp - Variations have not been archived


Process Variations may not have been archived when the Standard was archived.


This sometimes occurs leaving the variations orphaned from the parent, the workaround to resolve this is different for Process Specific and Global Variations.

Process Specific Variations:

Change the Process from Standard and then Archive the variations individually:
  1. Restore the standard from the Archived folder
  2. Make an edit to the Variation to make the Process different from the standard
  3. Save the Process
  4. Publish the Process
  5. Select Archive from the Cog Wheel menu
Global Variations:

Revert the variation to standard and archive the standard
  1. Restore the standard from the Archived section
  2. View the Variation
  3. Select Revert to Standard from the Cog wheel menu
  4. Save & Publish the Variation
  5. View the Standard version of the Process
  6. Select Archive from the Cog Wheel menu
If the above does not resolve the issue please contact to assist.

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