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Nintex Newbie

Challenge #1 - ELSE condition

For your first challenge, we want you to test out the new rules engine. More specifically, the ELSE condition that has recently been introduced.

  1. Log into your Universal Forms Office 365 tenant
  2. Create a new List called 'Applicants'
  3. Create a form that looks like the below.

The form should include:

  • Text - Short (Rename Title control)
  • Email
  • Choice - Single
  • Label (Hidden by default)

When the email contains

  1. Participant type is Nintex Employee
  2. Participant type is Read Only
  3. Label is Visible

If email does not contain

  1. Reverse all previous options using only the rule above

Once you have completed this challenge, please post a comment below letting us know what you thought.

  • Was it obvious?
  • What was hard / what didnt you like?
  • What did you like?
  • What would you like to see in a future release?
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Nintex Newbie

Re: Challenge #1 - ELSE condition


I've just tested the else my opinion this is very easy to use so I like it very much...

If I have to think about possible enhancements maybe I'd like to have nesting if/else  logic (maybe I want that for a choice control, the forms apply some rules for value A, other rules for value B and reset to original default for other values I'm not able to use else condition and I have to create three separates rules to manage the situation..


Nintex Newbie

Re: Challenge #1 - ELSE condition

Thanks for your feedback Giacomo Gelosi‌. Its a challenge making something powerful yet easy to use, and nesting is certainly going to make the UI more complex. Perhaps IF/ELSE logic in the expression builder and used in rules may get around these more complex scenarios.

We are working on the IF function for Universal Forms at the moment. When we get it in, and you can use variables in the rule builder, it would be a good challenge to test out.

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