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Update an Item in a Different List

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I have 2 different lists; one is the form's "main list" and the other a "task list" associated with the form.  I am trying to update the "assigned to" column in the "main list' with the "assigned to" column information from the task list, since this field is set in the task list.

When I configure the "Update Item" control, I select the "main list" to update.  Where "ID" equals "workflow data" "worksheetListItemID."  Then I tried configuring it as a "list lookup" but the work flow errored.  If I select "value" it only lets me pick a group or person.  I want to insert a reference to the "assigned to."

Not sure how to configure this to get the result I am looking for.


"Update Item" controlUpdate Item control 2

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Re: Update an Item in a Different List

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Make sure for the "Assigned To" value you set the "Select return type" to "Login Name". To do this, click on the button with the three dots (...) to the right of the Field in the "Lookup details" section to open the "Select return type" dialog. The "As String (Default)" value is selected by default, so change that to the "Login Name" value from the drop down menu. This should allow you to update a Person field with the value from another Person field.

Nintex Workflow - Update Person Field