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Send Reminder if Date Field is Null

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We need to create a workflow that sends a reminder if:

  • Date field A has been populated for over 2 days
  • Date field B is blank (has not been populated yet)

Please send over any suggestions, we getting the reminders (but I would like to setup a scheduled workflow that would run through the list daily since the logic above will be used on various columns)

Thank you!

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Send Reminder if Date Field is Null

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That is exactly what you should do. Create a scheduled workflow to run daily. In this workflow query the list in a few ways. (im not sure if your criteria is that both A and B are blank or not).

But query the list, filter on Modified Date is Greater than (Today minus 2 days - using date calculation action to get the date) AND field B is null AND field A is null.

Change the filter based on your requirements, again wasn't sure if these were all AND operands or not.

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