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Nintex Workflow Template - Yammer send message

​Products: Nintex Workflow 2013, Nintex Workflow 2010

Knowledge workers oversubscribe to information sources for fear of missing something important, but this often results in an overflowing inbox. One of the big benefits of social networking is the ability to filter information. With Yammer and Nintex Live, you can take this further by enabling the automated distribution of communications to the right people at the right time. For instance, your fulfillment team can receive information about a new booking in real-time through a workflow with Yammer.

This template uses the Nintex Live action, Yammer Message.

What will I find attached to this article?

  • Post Yammer message to specific group (Yammer-Communicate the right information to the right people.nwf)
  • The list to hold the Yammer posts - Bookings/Sales made (Yammer-Communicate the right information to the right people.stp)

Prerequisites for this template:

To begin:

  1. Create the list using the list template in a SharePoint site, and configure a workflow to run when an item is added.
  2. Create the list workflow on the list using the workflow template.
  3. Complete the missing entries in the workflow Nintex Live action 'Yammer message' - Authorizing user.
  4. Add entries to the list, and the workflow should run. Please note: The first run will require authorization from the Yammer admin account used, and future approvals can be automatically approved.
  5. The list entries will appear in the Yammer group 'Sales'.
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