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New (non-default) Escalation type in Config Action - Flexi task

I'm using a flexi-task along with reminders/escalation.  After the configured reminders are sent and it reaches the escalation threshold, the escalation properly "times out" when not responded to.


The problem is it only offers by default a "Status" of: complete task, Delegate task and none.  I would like to add another type if possible so upon "high-level" review of the workflow doesn't say complete, but another named "Status". The corresponding "Outcome" field is appropriate per my configuration, I'd just like to know if I can configure another "Status" instead of Complete (or Delegate which I don't want to use).


I understand there may be other ways to design this using other actions and features, but based on time and my current needs a new state would be ideal at this point.  I am interested in other ideas for future enhancements though if offered too!


Platform: SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

Nintex Workflow 2013:


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Re: New (non-default) Escalation type in Config Action - Flexi task

@jcahillma Unfortunately you cannot add another status to the escalation confirguration since it relies on the workflow engine to process that and is part of what Nintex does out of the box. 


Perhaps instead of another status, do a report on how many hit this part of the process, and present that back to the approvers to see what they'd like to do differently or create a different SLA.

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Re: New (non-default) Escalation type in Config Action - Flexi task

@jcahillma, from your description I'm not quiite sure, do you mean to set a custom status for a workflow task (ie. outcome) or status of whole workflow?

or some other status? 


both workflow task status/outcome and workflow status are customizable



complete resp. delegate task flexi task's options are just actions to perform, not statuses...

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