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In the mood to party? September Mission - September 9, 2015

Are you in the mood to party?

Former Community Manager Emily Billings' last monthly mission revolves around party planning, and I'm calling on you to send her out with a rousing response!  In fact, let's just call it the "Emily Billing Memorial Mission."

The mission is an EASY way to earn some POINTS!  She was generous on her way out the door!  The mission is to create a form asking for ideas on where to hold an office holiday party.  And EVERYONE who creates a form will win 100 points.  The winners will get an extra 200 points!

But wait...there's MORE!  Read on...

If you take a screenshot of your Nintex Form on the Nintex Mobile App​, you'll get an extra 100 points!

Just build your idea from, publish it to Nintex Live, and leave a comment on the mission page comments with a description of the form and the live form link.

Easy, peasy.

Click here to find out more about how to take part in the Emily Billing Memorial Mission!

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