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How can I reuse the Nintex Workflow Task Content type without an associated workflow

We're using the Nintex Workflow webpart on the landing page for most of our users, and this is great for quickly showing a list of incomplete tasks - another cool option is the ability to hide/remove tasks.


We would like to extend this function to include tasks not created through a workflow e.g. a team may perform an inspection of an area, and follow up tasks need to be assigned to people to resolve some issues. Typically they would then create a normal SharePoint task in the task list and assign it - but this obviously doesn't show in the Nintex webpart.


We played around with creating instances of the Nintex Workflow Task Content type, but once created, it can't be accessed. I suspect because it isn't associated with a proper Workflow or doesn't have a "Related Content"  item associated.


Is there any work around for this? Either to extend the webpart to allow other types of tasks, or to allow us to use the Nintex Workflow Task Content type directly.

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