Reporting and Linking of Improvements

  • 26 March 2024
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Hi all, I am exploring using the Improvements module for the capturing and tracking of audit recommendations. I require a view that shows the overview, investigation and actions to show progress on the recommended action. Does anyone know if this is possible? Also i see we can link ‘incidents’ to processes, can we also link to risks?

4 replies

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Hello Anna,

I think one of the best advantages of the Improvement Module is precisely the ability to create workflows, and audit recommendations, which attract the undertaking of actions, are the ideal example.

The first thing would be to create a portfolio, which is the way the Improvement Module operates.

Secondly, you would need to define the portfolio stakeholders: Portfolio Manager, Portfolio Editor and Portfolio Viewer.

Third, the portfolio will facilitate a workflow which will feature 3 integrated gates: (1) Overview - here is required to assign an incident owner or action recommendation owner in your case. (2) Investigation - a separate assignment can be established here to undertake the investigation. (3) Actions - Again, an action owner can be allocated here. Each gate needs to be completed before the workflow can move to the next one. This means that an incident owner needs to be allocated in the overview, the investigation results need approval and the same happens with the recommended actions.

All stakeholders can view the workflow but not all have the same privileges. It will depend on their role as stakeholders.

In the configuration section, you could make the workflow visible to only certain members of the organisation. By the default, it will be visible to everyone with access to the Improvement Module.

Anyway, there are other interesting features, but I hope this helps with your first query, above.

In relation to your second query, we do not have the Risk Module operational yet in our organisation, but I have been part of a training about this module so, I know for a fact that you can link the risk module with processes, indeed. And it is a beauty!!

Imagine someone providing feedback to a process which allows for the identification of a risk (to be included in the risk register and then linking it back to the process). To mitigate and address the risk, an opportunity for improvement is later identified, which is then generated via a ticket from the same process in question, creating the link between the 3 modules: Process Manager, Improvement and Risk modules.

My example above might not be the best, but I know it is possible to do it. And apologies if I can’t provide a more in-depth step-by-step guidance on how to link them, as again we do not use the Risk Module yet.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your response Carlos. Sounds like I am on the right track with configuration. We are actively using the risk module, I gather that instead of directly linking the improvement to risk I will need to link to the process and ensure the process is linked to the risk. This i can work with :-)

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Hi Anna,

It’s my pleasure. All the best!



In the improvement module there is a “monitor risk” action.  To complete that action involves linking to a risk and control.  Once you have done this the risk data is connected to the incident.  You can get at the data by exporting the improvement register.  

Exporting the register is the only method I have found to get a those connections.  There is a reporting API that contains information about incidents, but if process and risk links are in there -- I have been unsuccessful in finding them.