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copy list element in an new list an add specific data if a related set of data exists

hello forum,


i have an budget approval workflow running on sharepoint online. At the end the workflow copys some data in another List "approved budgets".

For every budget we give the initiator a specific number (eg. xyz) which he can use for his orders.

Is it possible to let the workflow take a look in the List "approved budgets" for the specific number and

1. if the number exists, add the value of the field approved budget to the existing data.value in the field,

e.g. in the list "approved budget" exists the number xyz -> the value of approved budget ist 50.000€.

i apply for another 30.000€. and in the end the 30.000€ will be added to the 50.000€ under the same specific number xyz

2. the number don't exists, just copy the element in the list "approved budget"

Thanks in advance


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