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How to change the field order in Request Data form...

Hello community, what is the best way to change the order of two content type fields in a NWF request data form? I was not able to change the order...

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action 'Update document' error

Hi, Have already created some workflow with this action but now I created a new one and for some reason I receive a error: Error updating document. E...

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Change redirect location based off SharePoint Grou...

I've seen other posts related to this and still cannot get it to work correctly. The way I was trying to do this was to display a different butt...

  • By nj
  • February 26, 2019  07:29
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Workflow with conditional start (previous value do...

Hi all, I defind a workflow that sould start when specific fields X and Y in the list have been changed (previous X not equal to X and previous Y no...

  • By OT
  • February 26, 2019  07:05
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Check if person already exists in other lists in p...

Hi, i'm still learning how to use Nintex Workflow. Is it possible to check if the "assigned to" (person field) -user on my main doc library already e...

  • By mstorm
  • February 26, 2019  05:25
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Questions about the Nintex Solution Innovation Awa...

Hi, I know that this forum is wrong for my question but I couldn't select a more appropriate one. There are two more days to submit a solution to ...

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Regex - Extract data

Hi, I'm looking for a regex expression pattern for the following data. I need first column and last column information from the table. e.g. Ann...

  • By swap
  • February 26, 2019  00:55
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Show/Hide panel based on dropdown menu

Hi, Similar issues have been posted but I cant find a solution that works for me. I need a rule in my form that keeps a panel hidden unless a req...

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4- Level Cascading Drop Down List will not print.

I have created a 4-level Cascading Drop-Down list that prints everything else on the form but the names in the DD list. Any suggestions?

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Workflow Reviewers with checkboxes

I have a workflow where the reviewers are chosen at the time the workflow starts. Here is how it happens: The user uploads a document The user edit...

  • By amydpp
  • February 25, 2019  10:34
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Delete Item with REST

UPDATE: I was able to get the call working on other libraries so I think I was testing it on a cooupt library. I would still like to delete Ite...

  • By kmccool
  • February 25, 2019  09:01
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Failed to start workflow. Error ensuring consumpti...

Hello Team, I'm getting below error when I try to start workflow using the NintexWorflow/Workflow.asmx using Javascript. No errors in Javascript,...

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