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Web Parts Maintenance Page on Nintex Tasks

We have one running Nintex Form and Nintex Workflow in the production environment.

As per the requirement, we have to add additional columns and some approval steps in the workflow. So we had exported the list to the Dev Environment and done the changes in the Form and Workflow.

After that we would like to ensure the changes are working fine in the production Form and Workflow process, we were planned to deploy it in the test environment. So we restored the production content database to the test environment. Then trying to deploy the updated Form and Workflow from dev environment list by exporting the Form & workflow and importing to the staging list.

When the deployment finished and tested the new form, the approval task form is working fine. However, we open to the running tasks form, they shows us the "Web Parts Maintenance Page Error".

I am curious to know where the issue is happening and how to resolve it.

- The default task list is using for four workflows (the above workflow is one of them). All the current running tasks have this web parts maintenance issue.

- Even there is another dedicated task list for another workflow, which happens the same issue on the running tasks.

- When restored the production content database to test environment, does it require to restore the content databases related with Nintex?

Please advise if anyone had the same experience and solution for this. Thank you in advance. Cheer!

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