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How to do client and server side validation with custom form control?

Hi there

I am working on a custom control following the guide at "Create a custom form control sample" as an example. The sample is however quite lacking, since it does not show how to do validation the idiomatic Nintex Forms way. 

As I have written about in another question, I am building an alternative List Lookup from control, where the user can choose to select nothing, even though the field is required.

What is the right approach to generate ASP.NET WebForms server side controls, add them to the page model, hook in validation controls, and have them work in a postback? 

Note: I am modifying the drop down list (select element) via JavaScript on the frontend, adding new option elements when the user selects an item from the drop down.

Note: I am using Nintex for SharePoint 2016 with SharePoint 2016.

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