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Community News - December 5, 2016

Community News - December 5, 2016

It's the last month of the year, and I've got news about your points and some new blogposts in four different spaces! Read on for the latest!

Nintex Workflow Cloud

nwcbanner1We released Nintex Workflow Cloud last month, and we're rolling out more and more information to help you use it.

Our state-of-the-art cloud workflow platform lets you build workflow processes regardless of the underlying source. Here's the product announcement: What's New From Nintex - Nintex Workflow Cloud!

We've already got scenarios  and how-to videos to help you see how to use the platform!

Visit the Nintex Workflow Cloud‌ space to see more!

 Are you currently a Nintex customer using our on-premise product? Find out what Nintex Workflow Cloud means to you at this link.

Are you ready to give it a try? Request a trial!

Cool Community Content

Nintex Workflow for Office 365

Nintex Partner and community Blue Ribbon Group member Andrew Glasser‌ offers a solution to prevent continual updates being made to a workflow to simply change who to assign a task to by uysing a configuration list. Here's his post: Using Workflow Configuration Lists in O365 


A huge thank you to Jesse McHargue‌ for creating the November Mission: Fix The Workflow (by Jesse McHargue!)‌! He's posted information on solving it, so go check that out. And your last chance to rack up points this year is here: December 2016 Mission: Gift Exchange II‌.

A reminder: It's Time to Reset the Points Again!‌  We do this annually.  Read the post to find out why!


Nintex Service Engineer Jonathan Butler‌ was busy last week, posting two new items in the Installation‌ space!

Thanks for the links to videos, Jonathan!