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Community News, April 4th, 2016

Community News, April 4th, 2016

Hello and welcome to the first full week of April! We have a new mission and new content in our newest space, plus a Hangout and plenty of unanswered questions for you (which will help win the mission!), so read on for details!


We kick off a new series in the Training​ space this week, with our Workflow heroes playing Jeopardy!


In the show, you'll hear workflow experts answer questions about social media actions!

The first two episodes cover Facebook and Twitter actions.

Followed by LinkedIn, Wordpress and Yammer actions.

Don't miss them!

Did you know, you can keep track of the schedule of posts in Training​?activity.PNG

Just click "Activity" beneath the banner!

On the right side of the page, see where to click.

That will take you to a content release schedule, plus a look at recent content in the space.

Remember there are polls in addition to the training videos, and you can also post a suggestion

about what you want to see!

April Mission

Answershower_makebadges-1459372113.pngThis month only - earn a unique badge for being helpful!

It's the April Mission - Make it rain...answers! (And get a limited-time badge!)

This month, and this month only, if three of your answers are marked correct, you'll get an "Answer Shower" badge.

We tried something similar a year ago, but required a tough hurdle of getting five questions marked correct. This month, we move it within reach of more people, AND offer up the badge so you can always show off what a smarty-pants you are.  Read the helpful hint in the mission and go get 'em!


Eric+Harris_Newsletter+Customer_Twitter.pngThe Nintex Hangout​ - Live with Eric Harris! is scheduled for the first and third Wednesdays of the month.

That's this week!

Be sure to head over to that space to find out how to take part (and watch previous hangouts!).

Cool Community Content

Wow, you folks have been busy in the community!

Thanks to Dean Virag​ for his many recent posts. His latest is: Nintex Forms - File Attachment Validation Settings And prior to that, he posted: Attaching Files Using the Standard Mobile App - Differences between Mobile Phone and Tablet

In addition, Nathan Wright has kicked off what he says will be a three-part series of blog posts on Nintex for Office365, starting with Adding Approver Information (including Comments) to Item Form in Nintex O365: Part 1  Thanks, Nathan, we'll all be watching for the follow-ups!

The Nintex Learning Center

learning_center.pngIf you want to see what you missed at our first InspireX conference, you can now see recordings of all the sessions!

Just visit the Nintex Learning Center!

You'll find the link after you log in. But if you have trouble, just search "InspireX."  There are no passwords or codes to obtain. Just visit the NLC, log in, and enjoy!

Unanswered Questions

Each week, I try to point out some unanswered questions to see if we can get some help to members in need. This week, we lead off with some older questions...

Brent Ellis​ asks if there are Rules on Nintex forms based on group membership?

Garrett Martin​ has been patiently waiting to hear if there's a Way to query only filled in fields?

Gavin Adams​ has also been waiting awhile to find out What is 'Load realtime workflow data' setting in Nintex forms for workflow action?

These and literally 1,000 more questions await your help in the Unanswered Questions​ space!  Click and earn that April Mission badge!

Have a great week, everybody!


Your community manager

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