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Cloned repeating section is not adding rows

Hi, I'm a newbie to the Nintex forms and technology. I didn't see any similar questions.

I'll get straightforward to my problem.


I'm designing a modal popup which have panels that are created in the form. I cloned every panel (because the modal has an X button which removes the whole div tags of the panel, so for not losing the panel when the close button is clicked the cloned panel will be removed only) and append it to the modal which worked perfectly, but I faced some problems with controls that have event listeners (date, attachment and checkboxes) which I solved by myself.

My main problem is in my panel I have a repeating section, which when cloned, the *add new row* link stopped working properly and it wont add any rows. Tried to solve it like I did in the previous controls by changing the IDs or classes, but nothing worked!

Note that this link has a class that controls adding rows which is *nf-repeater-addrow-link*. can you please help me figure it out?


Any help would be much appreciated!



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