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Tabbed Repeating Section



well I have form to input product(s) request. 

A product has by several fields to deifne it's charateristics, and those are grouped in a repeating section.

This repeating section is long enough to fit all the required fields, thus creating a request for say 5 items will end up with a very long form which negatively effects the layout of the whole form.

Is there a way to have the "Add new row", automatically reates new tab for the new row and not directly below it?

Below is an example of how this section should look like.



Hope the above request is clear and please let me know if resources or insturctions to follow since I couldn't find similar approach within this forum.


Thank you


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Re: Tabbed Repeating Section


Your question is clear, but raises a concern. Have you thought about putting simplifying the design so that its not as complex? 


However, the below is doable without tabs. You can collect description, material, etc, then have it repeat so the next item is the same thing. 

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