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Upgrade Office 365 Query List action



How to upgrade a Nintex for Office 365 workflow to Nintex Workflow Cloud that contains an Office 365 Query List action. 


After Upgrade


  • Upgrading of this action will require you to review the action's configuration in some areas depending on what you have implemented.
  • The Office 356 Query List action will become the SharePoint Online Query a list action.
  • You will need to have an existing SharePoint connection created with an account that has access to query lists for items.
  • You may need to reconfigure connections in all SharePoint related actions so they point to the correct site.
  • You may need to reconfigure conditions that were originally created as filter rules to focus the query on specific items. You won't have to do this if you originally chose "Select all list items".
  • Your original results variables for Result Count, First Column, and Fields XML will come over, but will not be used. You will need to create a new output variable to store your query results. You can delete the original variables.
  • You will need to reconfigure your sorting column selection if used.





  • The query property section will become conditions. You will now be able to nest conditions if necessary.
  • CAML queries will no longer be supported for building conditions.
  • For storing results, the output variables will no longer be separate variables. The output results will be  stored in an object variable that contains child variables Number of items returned, Item ID(s) collection, Items collection, and a First item object.
  • The list name property is now a drop-down list that will show you list options based on your configured SharePoint site URL property. You can also use a variable to configure the list name.
  • Specifying individual fields to return will not be supported. Instead you will be able to access all columns for each item returned in the results object variable.
  • Sorting will only be allowed on one column.
  • Include subfolders is not supported.







Configure the connection property to use a connection that points to the SharePoint environment where your list lives.

Update Connection.gif




If you set filters to select items when certain criteria was true, you may need to review and reconfigure your conditions to match up with existing field names in your list.


Update Conditions.gif




You will need to reselect the column you would like to sort the results on if needed. A dropdown list is provided based on the list name selected, or you can use a variable.






You will need to create your output results variable to store the query results. This will be an object variable that contains child variables with query results and the number of items returned count. From there you can delete the original results variables that came over from the Office 365 upgrade.





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