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Code Fix: SmartObject mapping in K2 Workflow user task is lost or missing

Issue Description

When you have a SmartObject mapping to a Smartform parameter on a K2 Workflow user task, the reference is lost after clicking away from the user task and back on the user task. This resulted in the SmartObject mapping displaying as an empty green block in the Smartforms parameter field. Upon attempting to deploy the workflow an error occurs.

Error Message:

The following error occurs: “Missing reference at SmartObjectField  in Event 'Task' in Activity 'Task'. Error: While trying to resolve the following reference root.externalReferenceDefinitions[{"internalId":4}].methods[{"internalId":2}], an error occured: reference not found.. Stack Location : K2Process 'testWorkflow' >Activity 'Task' >ClientEvent 'Task' >ClientEventConfiguration >SmartForm >FormParameter >Expression > Stack End.”


The fix is available in:

  • K2 Five (5.3) November 2020 Cumulative Update Fix Pack 26.


  1. Ensure you have the correct K2 version and/or Cumulative update installed. See KB001893 to see what Fix Pack level you have installed.
  2. Download the latest Fix Pack using the links in the table above for the version you require.
  3. Install the Fix Pack to apply the fix.
  4. It is recommended to clear browser cache and refresh the page.
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