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Drawloop - Configure 'Queue Folder Id' for DocGen Queue Delivery Option


Configuring the Queue Folder Id for DocGen Queue Delivery Option:

This configuration will specify a public or shared folder in Salesforce for generated documents. This will keep the generated documents from being placed in the “My Personal Documents” folder of the user that generated the file.
This public/shared folder allows other users to merge or view the documents in the DocGen Queue that were generated by other Users.


1.a. Navigate to DocGen Queue Delivery Option
   b. Select the Salesforce Setup gear > Edit Object

User-added image

2.a. Add the Queue Folder Id field to the Document Queue Layout

User-added image
3.a. Create a new folder:  Creating and Editing Folders
   b. Provide access for the desired Users to the Salesforce document folder
   c. Confirm the Users have "Read" permissions to the Document Object in Salesforce. 

4.a. Click 'Edit' on the DocGen Queue Delivery Option.
   b. Copy the Folder Id from Salesforce and paste it into the newly added field. 

User-added image
5. Expected behavior: Users are able to open or merge files that were created by other users.

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