Mouse click on Date picker (Chrome / webapp)

  • 1 February 2021
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Just wondering if any of you guys may have a suggestion on dealing with an issue I'm experiencing trying to automate an administration item on a webapp. 


The webApp has a date picker control that does not allow a date to be typed in, but forces the user to click on a date. When you click on the calendar control a 'calendar' appears to allow the selection of a date on the screen.   


The issue is that the control disappears anytime the screen looses focus.  When I try to put in a target in RPA to target the date that I'm trying to select and  execute a Click, the action fails.  


Has anyone experienced a similar situation and developed a way to manage this type of control?  






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Hi @Ken_T 


When you click on it manually, are you able to use any keystrokes to navigate the calendar menu? Such as up or down arrows, Page Up, Home, End, etc. Finding some combination of keystrokes that work will be the way to go with this.


Once you've figure that out, you can use a Send Value action (targeting the calendar icon) with 'Click before sending' enabled. Then use the set of keystrokes as what to send, and set Mode to "None" and Speed to "Very Slow".


Let us know how that works.



Thanks, that works OK.  Not ideal since I have to evaluate the date and hunt-and-peck around to get the correct one, but I think I can make this work!


Lets see..   (Desired date - current date) / 7 = the number of "Down arrows" to press.   Remainder (less than 7) would be the number of "Right arrows" to press.    Yeah, maybe that's not too bad!

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Yeah, date picker fields are always a little bit of a hassle, simply because there are so many different types out there and no two ever behave the same. I wrote a blog about it, as well, in case you run into a different type down the line this might offer some more tips:


Another tip, if you didn't know already. Anytime you're sending a keystroke token, such as [^Down], you can add a number inside parenthesis within the token to send that keystroke multiple times. For example, [^Down(3)] would send 3 down arrow keystrokes. This number can also be replaced with a token itself, such as a Variable or List Lookup.

hello, I've attempted to watch both videos imbedded in your solutions post, but neither has any sound. Is there any way to get these videos with the sound?