Publish Botflow, Assign and Add User Role in RPAC

  • 15 February 2022
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In version 2.4 of RPA Central a new type of user was introduced, the Participant role - users in this role are able to run botflows and view instance data.


With this new role, there are now three roles in RPA - Administrator, Designer, and Participant.



To publish a botflow:


  • Click Dashboard in RPA Central on the top right
  • Click Botflows on the left
  • Click the Botflow name and a menu will pop out from the right
  • Assign the bot you want to use
  • For Manual start at the bottom, you can leave the option there so you can run manually when you want or you can delete it by clicking the ellipsis to the right of it.
  • For Add a Start Event, click that box and then Scheduled Start and then choose your date, time and run once or repeat. 
  • Once these options are selected, the Publish button on the top near the name of the botflow will become active and you can click Publish. 


** You can leave manual start on all of your botflows and add Scheduled start to the ones you want to schedule (you can keep both options)


Additional Information

The basic steps to adding a new user:


  • Go to RPA Central
  • Click Settings on the top right (1)
  • Click User Management on the left (2)
  • Click Add User on the top right (3)


*If you need to search for a user, you will need to search by your domain nameuser name (4)


**If you are typing in the Add User box for User name (5), you don't need to use the domain as it should be listed already. If you do not know the username of the person you are trying to add, you need to use the search option (4) with the domain. 


  • Then choose a role in the role section and click Add.







To assign a Participant to a botflow:


**Please check out the link to the Blog regarding the new role of Participant, added in version 2.4.  


- Go to Botflows in RPA Central

- The user must be added and assigned a role as above before assigning botflows to them. 

- Click the ellipsis on the far right of the botflow name




- Choose Permission

- Select a user from the dropdown menu. 


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