How to Schedule Botflow in FoxHub (V15.1.10 and below)

  • 15 February 2022
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Once you create a Botflow aka Script, if you want to schedule it, you can schedule through FoxHub.



  • In FoxHub, go to Bot on the left menu and make sure it is online.
  • In the top right corner, click the plus (+) sign and you will get this pop up.


  • Type in the bot name (aka the machine name)
  • And click Active in the User box or change it as appropriate to your needs.



  • Alternatively, you can right click on the Bot and choose “Find.”


  • This will bring up a list of the Bots on your domain.




  • Then click Jobs on the bottom left menu and you can click the plus (+) sign on the top right again or right click in the white space in the middle of the screen and choose “Add.”
  • On this screen:


  • Solo is a job that has no data associated.
  • Data Job is a job that requires you to bring in data as well.


  • You will get the pop up box below for both, the only difference is the Solo one will not have a space to choose data.


  • Name the job however you want.
  • Click the file folder on the Botflow line to find the botflow aka script.
  • If using Data, click the file folder on the Data line to find the data.
  • Select the Bot but checking the box next to the appropriate bot.
  • Click Ok.



  • Go to Schedule on the left menu.
  • Click the plus (+) sign on the top right.
  • Choose the Job, Start date and time and in the run box, select once.


Additional Information

If you want to run a job every weekday, you will need to create a schedule for Monday, then repeat the steps below for other weekdays. There is no option for all weekdays.




  • In the above screenshot, you would choose the Job, Start Date and Time and select “Recurring” in the Run box.
  • Then Change the boxes like this:
    • Rule = run every X days.
    • Every = 7 days.
    • Until = Forever.

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