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  • 1 December 2021
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Is there any way to stop images from requiring review?


Currently, the My Reviews tab in the Dashboard shows images that are Overdue or coming up for review alongside processes and documents.

I'm hoping there's a way to stop images from appearing in here as I don't need to review images. Any images linked to a process will be reviewed when the process comes up for review.




Best answer by BrettHutchinson 1 December 2021, 03:31

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You likely have Document review on. If you don't need this, anyone with a Promaster site can turn this off. You can't choose to not have images reviewed but have all documents. They are all considered the same, so one rule for all attachments.


Before you do, all current document reviews will need to be completed, or they will be trapped. Turning it off does not remove them from the approval process, so they will be stuck if they aren't cleared.