Exporting Promapp Process/Procedures for deploying on a Intranet/Internet page

  • 10 November 2021
  • 1 reply

I am a new user.  I need to export Promapps containing process charts, detailed procedure steps, links to screenshots and external reference materials (pdf).


What export formats are available that can be uploaded and used on web applications?


All assistance will be appreciated.


1 reply

The best option here is to use our Minimode links.  You can get a minimode link for a Process by selecting the "Share Process link" icon.  From here you can use this minimode link to embed in your intranet page using an iframe or similar.  The minimode link will always show the latest published process.  Any time the process is updated and published within Promapp these changes will be reflected on your intranet straight away.  


You can see further information on Minimode links and embedding these into your Sharepoint/Intranet here: