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I am looking to add an email address as a clickable Web Link. For context this is a shared mailbox used to manage one of our procurement processes. 


When adding to a task within activities the address is just plain text and doesn't resolve as a clickable hyperlink. If I try to add as a Web Link I get an error message ".... is not a valid URL. Should you wish to use the URL, a Promaster may change the URL regular expression setting to support it."


The admin portal seems to support the whitelisting of addresses such as* but I can't seem to whitelist a mail domain.


Is this possible at present, or is there a work around?


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@Nintex_Sam could you perhaps assist here?

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Thanks, @MillaZ!


@SamHesford - Have you tried a mailto: link in the address?  When I add a mailto: link as a Web Link, I'm able to click it in the published process and it opens correctly in Outlook.





Promapp does get a little cranky if you try to use advanced mailto: options and wants the Promaster to adjust the URL regular expression to support.




Top work!


Works perfectly. Thanks

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@Nintex_Sam Thanks! This is helpful.

Does it support only Outlook and/or need any special configuration settings to redirect the user to Gmail?



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@pwavikar - Glad to help!


I'm not certain about Gmail, as the mailto: link would open in whatever the default email application is set to on your (or your process reader's) computer.  It's not a Promapp setting to adjust, but the way your (or your process reader's) computer is configured.


Hope that helps!



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Yes, thank you Sam for your quick response.

@pwavikar Where your computer is set up with Gmail as your default email program, yes it will open a new email with the address populated in Gmail! 


To ensure this is set up correctly:

1. Set your windows default email program to be your preferred Browser e.g. Google Chrome

2.  In your selected Browser, set Gmail to be the default email program.  This website has really good instructions on completing this

3. Select the Mailto address from your Promapp process- BOOM opens in gmail in your browser.  


Let me know if you need more help with this! 

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@Penny Thank you so much. This is very helpful. I will check for these settings and keep you posted if this works for me.



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@Nintex_Sam is it possible to pull a report showing every process that uses that email address?  For example if we have 5 shared emails, and our goal is to retire 4 and only use 1.  I would like to pull a report of the 4 that are being retired, and update them to the 1 we are keeping.  Is that possible or is there a better way to do this? 

Currently I have the 5 shared emails set up as systems, so I can easily update them when we're ready to retire.  However, the system tag does not allow it to be accessed as a link. 

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Good day, @Sara_Ison - 


I do not believe there is a report that can do that out of the box and I'm not fully certain about creating something via the reporting API. @KerryHiki or @MarkduToit - would either of you know?

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Hi @Nintex_Sam@Sara_Ison,


I am not sure if the report I am going to suggest will help, but reading over the thread I think I understand what Sara is trying to achieve. There is a report in Promapp that will show you where a specific Web Link has been used, and you would be able to see the details of the link. I will provide the details for Sara to test this in her environment to confirm whether this will will work for her or not.


The report in question is the Linked Documents and Web Links report, as shown below:


When I run the report, I can see all of the links to external collateral, content, web pages, etc. that have been added to my processes, and I can identify where the "mailto:" links have been added:



Once you access this report, you might need to export to Excel to be able to search/filter for the specific "mailto:" references to make it easier to locate where the changes need to be made. This, however, will not provide you with a way of updating the links programatically at this point... so that will need to be done manually I'm afraid.


@KerryHiki, are there any other suggestions you might have that I may have missed?

@Sara_Ison, please let me know if this is the sort of thing you were looking for?


Kind Regards,



@MarkduToit this is likely the best solution.


Another option is instead of using mailto links, using an email template as a document (file type .eml). This allows you to create custom emails and reuse them across processes.