Query to Excel

  • 23 December 2021
  • 3 replies

I'm trying to filter Excel with Advanced Command 'Query to Excel'.It's working fine while I'm giving hard coded value to 'WHERE CLAUSE' but it's giving error while passing the dynamic variable in replace of hard coded value.I've define the parameter as well in 'DEFINE Paramere' section.The information and example is shared by Kryon It's not sufficient.Could you please provide me more detail to pass parameter in 'Query to Excel'


3 replies



Have looked at this article where several examples of query excel are given?



Hi Arthur,We have already taken help with the same example but it's not sufficient.Please share more example to make it dynamic 'Query to Excel'.

@Artur Martirosyan​  and @Yotam Shenkar​  please any update still I'm stuck on the same