How to check the element exist or not

  • 28 December 2021
  • 2 replies

if we are moving to next web page how to check web page is loaded and controls/elements are available and we can proceed to work on it.

2 replies

Hi @Apurva Arya​ 

I can suggest two ways to handle this situation.

  1. the first one is to set that always wait for the web page to uploaded. You can do that in the “Normal view”. choose the step you want and change it on the right pane:


2. The second way is to create a loop that checks for an HTML object, and within that loop add a pause command.

@Yotam Shenkar​ In case after loading web page suddenly it crashed then how we will find out and 2nd scenario is on the same page that is loaded fully there is tab options there we need to check and differentiate the tab.

There I require to check the correct screen. In that case what should i do?