Forms designer presents Enterprise Features error after importing new license

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Nintex Forms presents "This feature is only available in Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition" in a red banner after applying uploading an Enterprise Nintex Forms License.




1. Contact Nintex at to obtain a temporary Forms Standard License and new Forms Enterprise Forms license.
2. Import the Standard License in Central Administration.
3. Performs an IIS Reset.
4. Upgrade to Nintex Forms 2010 1.9 and Nintex Forms 2013 2.7 or later.
5. Once the latest version has successfully been installed, import the NEW Enterprise Forms License.
6. Perform an IISReset (again)


Additional Information

This issue occurs when Nintex Forms doesn’t recognize the license type, but most commonly occurs with Enterprise licenses in versions earlier than Nintex Forms 2010 1.9 and Nintex Forms 2013 2.7.


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