Support for Mixed Authentication modes in Nintex Mobile Apps

  • 26 March 2021
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Does Nintex Mobile Apps support Mixed Authentication for SharePoint with Forms Based Authentication (FBA)?


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Nintex Mobile does not support Mixed Authentication for SharePoint out of the box.


When a SharePoint environment has both Windows Authentication and Form Based Authentication configured, Nintex Mobile will only support Windows Authentication by default.


However, you can use the following steps to put in place an IIS redirect which will allow Nintex Mobile to authenticate through FBA even when Windows Authentication is enabled:

  1. Enable FBA Access within Central Administration > Nintex Forms Management > Manage FBA Mobile Access.
    • This can be done without Nintex Live being enabled, however, to open Manage FBA Mobile Access you must navigate to the explicit URL: http://[CentralAdministrationURL]/_admin/NintexForms/MobileFBAManagement.aspx
  2. Configure a 302 redirect from "http://[SiteURL]/_vti_bin/NintexFormsServices/NfMobileAppService.svc/authenticate" to "http://[SiteURL]"

The recommended approach to achieve the redirect is through an explicit URL redirect on the IIS Site. This can be done using Microsoft's URL rewrite tool:, and use the following configuration settings:



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