Assign Flexi task: Reject and Approve always return -1 in Task Form

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Hello everyone!

I’m using Nintex on SharePoint 2019 on-prem and i have a problem with the “Decision”-Form as soon, as customize the form. The logic of the workflow itself works flawless, but you cant force the user to comment an rejection f.e., because the Choice-field always return -1, regardless the value you choose.

Snap 1

As you can see in Snap 1, i’m talking about the vanilla form of the Flexi Task, nothing special.

Snap 2​​​​​​

In Snap 2, the default configuration of the form.

Snap 3

If you now disconnect the “Choice” from the “Decision”-Column, you see the bare return values. No matter what you choose -  always -1. You also can’t alter the values manually. The will set back to -1 after saving. And so, the required comments don’t work anymore. 

As a counterpart, the snap of the same form from the “Request approval”-Task.

Snap 4

Any hint is appreciated. Whats wrong with my setup? Or is it me :-) ? Thanks in advance and sorry for my english. Im not a native tongue.




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Where are you seeing the -1 output?  While designing the form or when the workflow runs?

The reason I ask is because during design and preview mode the output will always be -1.

The true value is only shown when the workflow is actually run. 

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Hi Simon,

sorry for my late answer. Thanks for your reply. I never tested the form outside the preview and so i never got the correct value. Now it works like a charm.