Verify if emails are sent?

  • 31 January 2020
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I created a workflow that sends an email where the recipient's email is pulled from a SharePoint list, it is a text column.  To test this I blind copied myself on the email.  I notice that a good number of the emails I recieve do not have an address listed as an email recipient, while others do have someone listed in the To.  I have verified that the email addresses are accurate.  Can I assume these emails are reaching the recipients, even if I don't see their name in the email?  Is there a place I can look to see if emails were sent or rejected, without having access to the recipient's mail?



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There is not a setting within the workflow to check if the e-mail is successfully sent. An error will be visible within the workflow history list if it's failed. Another thing you can consider is adding a generic e-mail address, which you have access to, in the BCC. 


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Please be advised that if you are using the "External email and attachment" Email service option you will not see any errors in the workflow history if the email is not sent.

Hi there, thanks for the replies.  As a workaround to this I created a workflow variable of type person/group and set it to the email address (all recipients are internal and on our network).  I used the variable in the email Send To, and this appears to have resolved my issue.