Using a variable in the "Number of times to repeat" property

When sending reminders for overdue tasks, I've noticed that the "Number of times to repeat" property will not accept a workflow variable. This is the case for both the "Assign a Task" and "Start a Task Process" actions.

This is far from an "issue" but definitely an inconsistency with the product. I've run into a case with a customer, where being able to drive this value from a variable could have saved a good bit of design time.



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True it is I'd love to somehow help you here, but this is just "by design"

Haha I understand Tomasz Poszytek‌ that . Now that there are no action limitations in O365 and the "Set Variable" action will set multiple variables at once, I try my best to build in variable-based configuration so that I don't repeat myself when having to make changes (DRY).

Not a big deal of course, this just surprised me. With such a simple field, it caught me off guard to not find the same variable injection that's generally available.