SharePoint Webpart encoding error causing links to Nintex forms to break (since mid Jan 2020)

  • 5 February 2020
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Hi, since mid January, links to launch a new Nintex form via links in SharePoint hero or quick links webparts have broken.  The issue consistently occurs in IE11.  

Nintex URLs are being altered by SharePoint webparts.  & becomes &amp%3b, so the semi-colon is being encoded - link breaks.


It is an easy fix.  We just un-encode the URL.  We replace & with &, or for lists with a single content type we reformat the link as: http://DOMAIN/sites/SITE/lists/LIST/newform.aspx


We have raised a premiere support ticket with Microsoft to fix this issue, so hopefully that will happen soon.


The purpose of this post is to ask the community if anyone else is seeing the error in IE11 out of interest, and if anyone knows a way to scan the tenant to find these broken links in SharePoint hero/quick linst webparts... We are just going through manually fixing the ones we know of.  

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