Hide unchecked choices in multi-select choice filed

  • 7 March 2023
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Need to hide unchecked choices in multi-select choice field when in Display mode

2 replies

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I’m using Nintex in SharePoint 365. I have a field that has about 180 choices. I need to only show the ones that are checked so that the person doing the work will be able to see only what’s needed.


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I am sorry to see you did not get a quick answer. This is probably because this seems not to be possible out-of-the-box. But with a small workaround something like this is possible.


For this test I have this list:

The field JustOptions is a Choice field which I gave the options of all countries in the world. So a very long list indeed.

When I open the form in edit mode I can select countries as many as I like:

Fun, but you are right: not when you just want to display the item. In my case when I open this form in Display mode (after installing a little workaround) I see this:

I guess this is what you wanted to see?

If so, this is the workaround:

I created a TempList list where I store the selected values for this item in ‘Just a List’. And when I open in display mode I do not show the multi-choice selection field but just a label with a lookup variable to this TempList. Showing me the selected values.

The TempList looks like this:

After each update on the original list I create or update an item in TempList with the selected values. The NAC Workflow - which is not really rocket science - looks as follows:

The workflow with the Query List action

Then we only have to provide to form with the right value.

In the form I define this lookup variable:

And I show it in a label field that is only visible in display mode. The multi choice field is only visible when NOT in display mode.

This way the form stays rather simple:


The only downside to this workaround is the delay in updating. After an update it might take a few minutes before the newly selected values are shown in display mode. This is because it takes time to trigger and execute the little workflow we just defined.


Hope this helps. If you need help implementing this just contact me.