Hide and Disable Checkboxes

  • 9 July 2020
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Hello, I have a checkbox as a mandatory field. This should be hidden if "xss" is selected in a previous checkbox (see attachment). However, since it is a required field, the form is not sent. How can I disable and hide the checkbox at the same time?


If I hide it, he doesn't send it off and when I disable it it says it's like it's a mandatory field and the user is confused



1 reply

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by default, when a field is mandatory on the SharePoint list, then it will also be mandatory in the form (even when you hide it).

The solution is to move the  validation of the field in the form itself; first make the field optional in the SharePoint list, then in the form add validation rules for the cases when the field should become mandatory. Once these work, you can add your 'hide' rule.