Going from Draft to Publish in a Nintex Workflow

Hello I am trying to create a document publishing workflow and I have a couple of questions 

1) Can I create a workflow that starts on Major Check In or when I try to publish a drafted version of the document 

2) Similar to question 1, I don't know how I can publish a major version of a document needing approval through a Nintex workflow. Could someone help me through this process? 

3) It seems as though when I create a document content type in a document library, it doesn't start with a Nintex form when I try to create a new document. This is different for lists which immediately opens Nintex forms. Is there a way I can immediately open a form when I click on New Document?


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Please read my comment here, it seems to be a similar case: 

Regards, Tomasz 

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Have you had a chance to test the solution I described? Have it worked for you?

Regards, Tomasz

1) Because there are not conditional starts in Office 365 you need to have an IF Statement at the start if your workflow. If you wanted to do something around drafts you would set your workflow to run every time something has changed and then your Run IF action would be

  • RUN IF
    • When (List Lookup)
      • Source = Current Item
      • Field = Version
    • NOT Equal to 1.0

Then Put your everything in the Run IF because if it is not a major version then it would just skip everything and then end.

2) this is how you would set up a publishing workflow. In the action configuration, just make sure in the Items to Update you do Update Items only when the following is True.

Update the items when Column ID is equal to Current Item (ID) or I'm my case in this example varCurrentID set in the get current ID action.

publishing workflow

3) Because a Word document is a content type of document,  SharePoint will always give you the document to create 1st. Often times if you open a word document that has a lot of meta data, the Information Panel will open in Word so you can fill out your "form" data right from Word. This is not a Nintex form, this is built into Office. It's called the document information panel.

Note: In Word 2016 I had to go to the File Info Tab, and then in my Document properties, I have my required SharePoint Fields to add in before saving back to SP.

Thank you Ben Stori your help.

I'm trying to implement your solution right now, but I am stuck. I'm using action Office 365 Set Approval Status, but I am getting this error: The user has insufficient permissions to perform the operation on list 'List X' in web site ''. I have Full Control of the site, but I am not the Site Administrator. Do you think you know what's going on? 

I would request that you talk with your Admin and get a Service Account set up/ created. This password should not change and then this user should be a site collection admin on your SharePoint Site. It's a "best practice" to have an account like this to use actions that require credentials. You don't need to log-in with the user to create the workflows, you just need an generic admin account to handle these types of things.

I look to do that. While I am testing though, don't I have enough permissions to approve a list item? I can do so manually, and I can do so through generic workflows. Is there something I am not looking at properly? Or something that I need to activate or unlock?

You can approve them manually and as a site owner you can do that on any list. You could use the OOTB approval workflow, but you don't get any flexibility.

If you click the ... to get the menu of the document you can go to More -> Approve/Reject to Approve a draft. The Status column in not in the actual properties.

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Hi Joseph Choe‌ - has answers provided here helped you? Have you solved your issue? if yes - can you mark one of the answers as correct, so that other users will know, that they can find a verified solution here? If not - is there anything more I can help you with?




I don't have access to site admin for the purpose of testing, so I am now looking for a workaround. My idea is to start a workflow that auto-approves a document. This works of the workflow is on the same list, but I can't call a workflow on a different list? Are you aware of this issue? 

In other words my Nintex workflow is on list A, and I want to run action "Start Workflow" on List B, but that doesn't seem to work. It says that such a workflow does not exist. 

Would you be able to upload a screenshot of how you have the action configured? It is really a best practice to have some sort of admin account you can use for workflow actions. This will not be the last time you run into something like this.

create a user account something like spadmin, make sure the account has global 365 rights (not just sp) and is a site collection admin on your SharePoint site. You may want to use the Outlook connection at some point to write to someone's calendar based on something...just an example.

Side Note:

One thing you could do is have two different libraries

Draft and published of the same content type (meaning the meta data is the same in both libraries)

Your workflow on the draft does what you need it to do, set permissions on the library so only people who need access to it have it, also turn off search indexing so no draft files return in search queries for a dub result. In your workflow when approved you just use the copy document action and move it to the published library.