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I am trying to use "exchange online update calendar item" to update an item I've previously created  when the item is changed. When I create the initial item, I store the exchange item ID in a field in my list. When I need to update, I use that ID to get the correct item to update.

Easy so far... However, if the user has deleted the item in their calendar but not in the list, the ID has no match and the workflow suspends.

The last line of the settings for update calendar is the option, "Update Successful" which outputs a boolean yes / no. When the update is successful, this works.

Now to my problem/question, when the update does not occur, the "Update Successful" output never occurs. I was going to use a "No" value trigger a "Run If" to let the user know the calendar was not  updated, but since it suspends the workflow without generating it, it doesn't work and the user gets no notification that the change was not successful.

I've been wracking my brain for the simplest way to check if an item exists and proceed accordingly, and this seems easiest if it can be made to work.

The other thought I had was to retrieve calendar items, output them as a collection, then search the collection for the ID of the original item, if found great, if not then go to whatever Run If notifies the user. This is about 5 more steps and at least a couple more variables.

Does anyone know how to make the "Success" output work when it is not successful? Or can think of a relatively easy way to just check if the item matching the ID exists? TIA


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