Does Nintex for O365 (SharePoint online) support workflow template to re-use across Document Library in sub-sites?

  • 23 February 2018
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I am trying to replace our out-dated SharePoint Designer worfklow (SharePoint 2010 approval workflow) with Nintex solution. However, I was unable to find the option to create the workflow template and re-use it across all sub-site Document Library. 


We have the approval workflow on top site collection level, any Document Library in sub-sites under that site collection can use the workflow. When I need to make any change, I only needs to open SP Designer and change the workflow template at top level. 


Is that a feature that Nintex support? I am using trial version and I cannot find it. 


Thank you. 

2 replies

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Unfortunately not. There is no such thing. The only option I see is to use Nintex O365 REST API and "Import into a new workflow" method (…).

This way you can have a definition of your workflow on a top site collection level and propagate it using a script to libraries in subsites. However be aware, that this method does not change the workflow's name, so it will create a new workflow in the destination library with the same name as the source one. And you can't use it for more than one library in the same subsite



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Importing into new workflows 

Publishing workflows 

This one may help you with loop,But "Workflow Id" is needed When you are Publish the Workflow.the Problem is Workflow ID Would Change After Import the Workflow Into List/Library,

Note : -we cannot get the Workflow id Programmatically